Crochet missing a hold in a doubleheader game (4/18/2021)

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Crochet was credited with a hold in game 2 vs Boston on Sunday that doesn’t seem to be registering in Ottoneu. Maybe just a timing glitch but wanted to point this out.

Without looking at it, any chance it’s related to this:

Looks like it is.

Just for comparison, Hendriks pitched in both game in the DH, got a save in game 1. All his points tallied.

Did you read the previous thread about Will Smith last season and how holds are handled by our data provider?

Those caveats do not apply to saves and in fact it is impossible for anyone to get a save in any game when the game isn’t official so it’s not a relevant comparison if that makes sense.

This is the relevant post:

Got it. Makes sense now. Thanks for your follow up.

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