Cross-league Player Notes

Love the notes feature. Would it be possible to add an option (checkbox?) to make a note global across all one’s teams?


Speaking of notes. Anyway to have notes carryover to other leagues so one does not have to copy and paste a note for one player X times in their other leagues?

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I get the appeal - might be a mid-season add but I will look into this.

Did anything become of this? Just claimed my second team and would love to see my notes from the other league

Not yet, sorta fell off the radar since it has no votes.

Since I can’t remove enough votes at the moment from prior wishlist items, I’ll post this here, since it has two votes :sweat_smile:

When I create notes for players I usually am adding useful information about platoon splits or other info that helps me with lineup setting.

I also use them when preparing for drafts or when interested in a player.

I’d love to have the option to apply the note to multiple leagues.

For instance, if I own Joc Pederson in multiple leagues it’d be great to have my note reminder to never ever ever play him against a LHP apply to him in all leagues in which I own him so I don’t have to enter the note multiple times.