Crowdsourcing Player $ Values

Out of the box idea to consider: every single season new players to Ottoneu as the same question: how do you estimate player dollar values going into my first season?

Not all players have the time or skill to develop their own player values, so the consensus is usually to either look at Average Salaries and adjust up or down, or take something like the values in the Surplus Calculator and adjust up or down. Neither method is ideal.

To help new owners, what if there was a way for everyone to input their own estimated value for each player on the far right column of the Average Salaries screen that aggregates all the values, very similar to the way FanGraphs captures “Fans” projections? The more people that input the values, the bigger the sample, and those values could be exported to use for new players each season.

I’m old school and believe new players should just sort of learn the ropes like most of us early adopters (you learn player values over time), but I also recognize this can turn some owners off because it takes a season or two to get the hang of $ values in this auction format.

Crowdsourcing player values from such an active community seems like the way to go.