Customizable League Size

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So I have been on a crusade with my home leagues, both baseball and football, to switch to Ottoneu, but I am running into a ton of pushback in two of my bigger and most established leagues, one in football and one baseball league.

In baseball, personally, I like having the static scoring systems that cannot be customized. However, I think being able to customize the size of a baseball league would be an excellent idea. One of my favorite leagues is a 10 teamer, but my biggest money league is a 20 team league. I know the budget and arbitration rules have been carefully thought out, but in my eyes I don’t think anything would really need to change. Having a $400 budget per team for 16 or 20 teams just makes it a different, more challenging, type of market. We have a lot of baseball fanatics that play Otto and I know a lot of us are trying to accomplish the same thing with our other home leagues and this would help break the hold that Yahoo has on larger, deeper leagues.

In football, the same thing about league size applies. However, having the ability to change more aspects of the scoring system would again allow us to promote Ottoneu with the groups of people we’ve played with for years. As of now, I’ve broached the subject with a group of guys that were playing together when they had to vote on which newspaper would be the one used for final stats. Phone in their lineup decisions. Then they’d mail the results out each week on Tuesday after MNF. These guys are open to a dynasty/keeper league format but they’ve spent years creating their own scoring system. And that’s not the only league I play in that wouldn’t make the jump because they couldn’t port over their scoring systems.

There is a big opportunity that is currently being missed because of the over customization of the formats. There are a lot of us out here trying to get more and more friends and leagues on Ottoneu and if there was just a little bit more customization it would be an easy sell.


I shudder at the thought of a 20 team ottoneu league, just imagine the horrifying waiver wire pickups!

I have toyed with the idea of a 20 team league as well but I do think you bump up against the position limits, especially with OF, since only 90 or so play on a given night and the standard setup requires 5 per team. Sixteen teams could probably work.

The other big challenge is the annual auction, which now probably takes a good 8 hours for a new 12 team league, and at least 4 hours for each year after that.

All that said, I do like the idea of a bit more customization if it means expanding the base of Ottoneu players or the porting of existing leagues from other platforms. I think @nivshah has mentioned in the past that some type of expansion is possible in the future, but maybe further down the wish list.

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Yeah I think that if there was 20 team league you’d have to go with smaller number of starting outfielders. I think 16 is much more doable. Honestly I wouldn’t be in favor of a ton of customization especially to things like scoring because then we’d have leagues that give 5 points for a pitcher win. I also agree that there will always be a group of fantasy players that will not want to dedicate the amount of time that we do to fantasy baseball.