Customization in H2H

LWill you please roll out categorical H2H for 2019? Comissioner can customize as they wish. 5x5, 6x6 etc… also. If you could allow a commissioner tool to reduce the roster size from 40 to say 26,28,30 that would be amazing. My questions and concerns are a direct result of a barrier as to why I cannot move our ESPN h2H league to ON.

Also. I personally agree with some other commenters. Having to choose 2Sp a day is not cool. Even in my current h2H that is only ten teams you have at least a dozen if not two dozen days a year where you have 3-5 very good SP going the same day and that’s in a 10 team league with 26 man rosters. It punishes teams who have strategized to build a roster around strong SP. anytime you take away a roster construction strategy in fantasy baseball its a bad idea

I guess in summary. What’s the harm in allowing the commissioner to customize their own H2H leagues? That’s the joy of h2H leagues. Especially when you have these leagues that are a decade or more running on other sites and would like to switch but cannot due to these barriers. And i do not think it’s opening a can of worms because the other ON game formats will stay the same because they’re just so damn good.

Thanks for bringing this up. As a seasoned veteran of a non-ott H2H league where a well-defined SP plan is a main goal of all teams…having 2 SP limit would seem to take a lot of the fun out of crafting a great opening P roster. I was contemplating joining my first Ott league this year, via H2H, but only two SP … I have my doubts as well.