Cut page incorrectly shows Invalid roster message immediately after cutting a player

Hi Niv,

The other day I won an auction that I knew I had ample money for. I won the auction necessitating me to cut a player to free a roster spot. Once I made the cut the system told me I did not have enough money and I needed to make another cut. (I knew this to be wrong but was about to cut someone). Before I did I need ed to leave and when I came back everything was fine. Other owners are telling me that this happened to them as well. Any insights?



I can report that this behavior always happens to me after I cut someone (at the prompting of an illegal roster). It seems like it is only a temporary problem (although consistent). I simply ignore it as refreshing the page or navigating anywhere else clears the alert (and rechecks the finances).

Thanks for posting this here. I’ve received a number of emails about this issue occurring sporadically. Last weekend I made a change to try and fix this issue. Sounds like it isn’t quite fixed.

I will continue to investigate.

After emailing a bit with @southbay and going back through my recent work, it looks like I pushed out an attempt at fixing this issue yesterday around noon ET. If anyone has run into this issue after noon ET on May 8, please update this thread!

I’ve got a perfect cut coming up this evening (after a pitcher starts) to test this. I’ll report back asap.

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No trace for this behaviour on my end just now.

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Ok, so we can say tentatively fixed…


Tested this on VPN as well, no issue so far.

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