Cutting $1 players?

do i get any cap relief from cutting a $1 player who probably will not get claimed or reauctioned? trying to drop a 3rd catcher but at $1 cost what happens…?

Nope, assuming nobody picks the player up its a sunk cost

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Thanks Leif,
If someone picks him up, I get the $1 back, right? Also, assume I have 40 players and spent $400 so I have $0 available. If I drop two $1 players then I am down to 38 players at a cost of $398 with nothing left to spend? Is the only way to get $$ to spend is to drop another player at a higher cost?

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If someone picks up a player you’ve cut, you no longer have to pay the player a cap penalty.

If you drop 2 players at $1 each in that scenario, you’ll be in an illegal state - 38 players, $0 free cap dollars, which means you can’t get to a full 40-man roster. You need to cut at least a $2 player to gain cap dollars back.


Thanks Niv, appreciate the reply


Is this considered a core feature, is there any thought to true 50% penalties (still maintain whole dollar bid requirements)? Would really be nice to be able to cut two $1 players to get $1 cap space back, I’m sure there have been lots of owners who got stuck in the $1 cut death spiral.

I think the simplicity of whole dollars rounded up all the time is good, and the “$1 cut death spiral” happens at most to one team in the league once, because it isn’t hard to be aware of it once you realize what it is. So, probably not going to change.

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Hmm. Didn’t realize you couldn’t cut two to get $1 back.

Based on the rules as they are written:

f. If a player passes through waivers, 50% of his salary, rounding up, counts against his
previous team’s salary cap as a cap penalty, until he is claimed by another team or until the end of the current season. Any bids for him as a free agent must be at least 50% of his previous

I don’t know why anyone would assume you could cut two $1 players to get a dollar back.

I’ve added this line to the rules page:

i. Functionally, this means cutting a $1 player provides no cap relief until the player is claimed or otherwise added to another team

Hopefully this adds the needed clarity.