CWS vs SEA Start Time 6/27

Will the start time for this game be adjusted to account for the resumption of yesterday’s suspended game? That begins at 1:10 EDT today, which would make the currently showing 2:10 EDT start time for today’s game hard to achieve. Thanks!

EDIT: sorry I might have those times confused a little (Chicago’s on central time right?) either way I think the start time for the game that’s supposed to be 6/27 still needs to be changed

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Yes, we’r e on central time here in Chicago, where Saturday’s game is set to resume at 1:10 local time. I wouldn’t expect lineups for today’s game before the currently scheduled 1:05 ottoneu lock.

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Resumption of a suspended game is a little tricky since as a result there is no real start time for the actual game. Don’t think any change will be coming to the start time but I’ll see if there’s something in our data that could help here.

For example, the MLB app and website have the start time for the game today at 2:10p ET.

Do the points from the SEA-CHW suspended game (or any suspended game) count for OPL scoring?

Per the rules page:

OPL points for a given day will accumulate from official MLB games played on that day. Points from the resumed portion of a suspended games will not count. If a player plays in both ends of a MLB doubleheader on a given day, their total points for the day will be considered when calculating the best possible lineup.

Official scorekeeping changes made more than 12 hours after a game completes will not be considered when calculating OPL point totals.

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