Daily Changes for specific stats on the Standings page (Roto leagues)

Would love to see ‘daily changes’ on the standings page so we can tell where a team has gained or lost points each day. That seems to be a feature in many other platforms. Wondering if it may be implemented on Ottoneu? Would love to see where I gained or lost points on a particular day especially as we get down to the wire. Thanks!

Do you mean for specific categories in roto leagues?

yes. if i picked up 3 points on the day, it would be great to be able to see that i gained 2 in home runs, gained 2 in RBI’s but lost a point in ERA. CBS for example has a toggle in their live standings where you can swtich to different views: one is daily category changes (called ‘daily trends’ as i describe above), one is total category points (12 for 1st in a category, 11 for second, etc.), one is YTD stats per category, to name a few

or even just a green or red indicator on a team’s stats in each category to display if a team gained or lost points in that category that day.

Yeah I totally agree, I’ve been wanting this on the site this season a lot as I chase 6th place in league 1.


Awesome, glad to hear I was on the right track. Thanks Niv

The standings page for Roto leagues now shows what specific stats you’ve gained or lost points in since yesterday. Genie badge for @jamgol

This change required some larger changes to the Standings page, so please let me know if you notice any issues. Thanks!


This is an awesome update, wasn’t even my request but thanks for putting this together!


that is awesome! thank you so much for implementing this (and to do it so fast as well!).

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just want to say, really digging this update to the standings page! thank you again!

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