Daily lineup tool?

Hi…been searching for a tool that will aggregate my roster with daily MLB lineups and perhaps weather and recent bullpen use. Anybody find anything useful? Baseball Press sounded good but is apparently gone… Thanks.

Once the season starts, the application shows you who is in the starting lineup and his batting order. The application also has an auto bench toggle where it will bench somebody who is not in the starting lineup for you, thus freeing up that roster spot for you to fill later.

Regarding the relievers, the application shows their pitch count from the previous three days.

Is that the kind of stuff you are looking for?

Finally, it will show you postponed games, but yes, it does not have weather.

Thanks. Does it show the day’s opposing pitcher?

Yes. It shows the pitcher by name, and it shows whether he is right or left-handed.

This is, to be clear, all on the lineup page for Ottoneu. We don’t have weather, but Rotowire does: