Daily scoring?

I’m mostly a beginner and am wanting to educate myself on how daily points/ranking(s) are calculated. The rules don’t seem to address my question (maybe I’m not looking the right place). For example, if my players did reasonably well on one day, My team is up by say 2. Then the next day, we kind of suck and we’re negative 10. Are these points based on my team’s baseline performance or is there a comparison going on with the other teams in the league?

Assuming this is a 4x4 or 5x5 league that calculation is corresponding to changes in how many points are being received by your team across all categories. So it’s an adjustment of your production against every other team’s production across the different categories.

For instance you may lose 2 points in wins, but gain a point each in HR, RBI, and SV and still be up 1 point over the course of the day.

Those standings do more or less update in real time and are a reflection at that moment; it’s not a bulk adjustment at the daily end of games.

If it’s a points league, the changes would generally be higher numbers as it’s just a calculation of your teams production at any given moment.

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Thanks! I’m playing both 4x4 and 5x5. So if my team ranks 12th in homers in the start of the day and and we produce no homers that day while another team gets 5, would I expect my team to drop in homer ranking that day? Or is it cumulative?

You wouldn’t see any change in your HR ranking. You’d still be earning one point in the HR category.

The points you earn per category are based on cumulative stats over the season so every HR your team hits adds to your HR total. Your HR total is then ranked against every other team’s HR total to determines how many points you earn that category; highest total earning 12pts, lowest earning 1pt.

That system repeats for each category and points earned per category are summed to calculate the totals for the league standings.

Ok I think I get it. The score is the sum of all the ranks. If I’m 12th in homers for a week and then another team my team me by 1 homer (cumulatively) then my team is ranked 11th, we drop a point.

Not week. Cumulative over the season long total for counting stats (R, HR, RBI, SB, W, K, SV) or average (ERA, WHIP, B-AVG, etc.).

If you go to the standings page and scroll down to the second table it will provide the stats used to produced the per category rankings. You can sort by category by clicking on the appropriate header to see figure out what the difference is in each category required to make up (or potentially lose) points.