Dan Straily-The ace nobody considered

Daniel Straily has been at the very least a top 30 starting pitcher over the course of the 2016 and so far halfway through the 2017 season. Straily has the best BABIP among SP over this stretch, is top 30 in the following categories from '16 through '17:
LOB% 7th

In 2016 he pitched in one of the worst places for pitchers outside of Coors and Chase. His 2017 campaign seems to reflect the move to Miami being a slight improvement over pitching in Cincinnati. You wont see him dominate people like good ol Randy Johnson, He doesnt strike a ton of people out or blow people away with elite velocity. Dan Straily has simply learned how to effectively get major league hitters out, in a quiet and consistant manner, like an old Atlanta Braves pitcher I remember.