Dark Mode Option

Hi! Would it be possible to get a dark mode toggle implemented for the league areas and the community forums? I’ve been using the native dark mode on FanGraphs’ site and also an extension to have dark mode on Ottoneu (Dark Reader), but it would be great if a native dark mode for Ottoneu were available, especially for browsers on mobile devices that don’t have the option to turn pages dark. This would make it easier on the eyes for those of us who enjoy using dark mode.

Here’s an example of Dark Reader in dynamic mode:

Did a few searches to see if this has been requested before, but couldn’t find anything and I’m also not sure how much a demand for this there is. Apologies if there has already been discussion around this.

Thank you!

Just wanted to voice my full and wholehearted support for this :pray: :pray:

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@nivshah is this something possible at any point in the future?

Not really no.