Dashboard and Standings page showing wrong point totals, possibly from end of last season

Something weird going on for 1 out of 3 of my leagues with the points. The points total to determine the current standings is displaying a much higher number than it should (maybe last year’s ending totals?). On the Standings page it shows the discrepancy well as the standings list high total, and the dailies and trending sections display the correct (current) total points. https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/531/standings

Also displays incorrect numbers for standings points in the league homepage.

Might be affecting the auction tiebreaker system as these points are changing the order of standings.

Which of these numbers is wrong?

I see the same point totals on the league home page, on the Standings page in the Standings table, and on the Standings page in the Statistics table. Let me know which numbers you believe are correct or incorrect and I can investigate further.

Weird! Confirmed: Fixed now. But all the numbers in the standings were 12000-15000 ranges previously. I only noticed because my dashboard listed an unexpected standing rank (I guess it displayed there as well, by proxy). So I investigated the league page and found the previous weirdness. Maybe I was having a strange caching issue, except that yesterday all totals were correct.

Upon review of the auctions only a couple could possibly been effected and there were no tiebreaks. So, no harm, no foul, I guess…

Weird… I’ll keep an eye on it.

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