Dashboard Build-out

I think there’s tremendous opportunity to build out the dashboard page with information that could immensely improve the Ottoneu experience. For example, it would be fun to see top league rankings by category (e.g. in aggregate points), top team rankings, most added players by time, player position eligibility updates, etc. Thanks for considering!


I agree that the dashboard could serve a purpose other than just getting you to your team faster. The ticker is a nod towards that, but yeah, maybe there is more to do. Good ideas!

I second these ideas. I know there was some talk early in the year about building a scoring system that would compare your own team against all others in the Otto-verse, but even just a simple (number) on the dashboard beside each of your teams that shows their ranking among all teams would be really interesting. For example, for points leagues, it would be cool every day to log in and see that my 2nd place team in League X at 15,440 points today ranks 72nd out of X among all FGPTS teams, etc.

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