Dashboard Icon to Indicate Open Position in Lineup

I think might help those of us with multiple leagues to have an icon (alongside the trade and message indicator) that lit up when the following conditions are met:

  1. There is an open slot in the lineup; and
  2. There is a player on the bench who qualifies for that open lineup spot who is in the starting lineup for the day.

For example, I have Kris Bryant on my bench (say he had the day off yesterday and I hadn’t moved him into my starting lineup). If I have either 3B, OF, or UTIL open and he’s on my bench and in the lineup, then the indicator would light up on the dashboard.

It’s not foolproof. Say I had plugged in a 3B into my lineup yesterday and all my OF slots and UTIL were full. Then it wouldn’t alert me. Call that a false negative. Alternatively, it could be that I have intentionally kept a mediocre player on the bench with an open spot despite him being in the lineup. Call that a false positive.

Still, the purpose would be to alert you if there’s a potential lineup issue that you might want to investigate. Right now, I have to cycle through the lineup pages of all of my leagues several times a day. This little indicator might help reduce the number of times that I have to assess my lineups.

This is kind of a non-starter for me.

This turns really open-ended and broad, since this criteria is different for different people. The conditional creep here ends in either a icon that is always lit (too many criteria) or logic that, to me, seems unreasonable to put into the platform.

Allowing ‘false negatives’ into a system that is meant to inform people is not acceptable in my mind.

Ultimately I believe that if you deeply care about making sure you have no issues with your lineup every day, you will end up checking your lineup multiple times every day regardless of any amount of notifications the site gives you. As a result I don’t think adding more noise about “lineup issues” is a good thing, and based on a conversation I just had with @chy924 may actually result in engaging less with your league than naturally checking your lineups as much as you are comfortable with.

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What about an indicator for when a player has been ejected from the lineup because he wasn’t in the starting lineup? That is, an icon lights up if the lineup ejection feature has been used for that day? That wouldn’t provide either a false positive or false negative but would alert the user to the fact that they may need to make a substitution.

I hear what you’re saying that it’s tricky and want to avoid “false negatives.” I’m just trying to think of a way to indicate that there is an issue with the lineup that might warrant immediate attention.

As an aside, another indicator on the dashboard that might be helpful is if you have a cut player whose 30 days have come up and they can be reauctioned. I’m just trying to think of a way to add functionality to the dashboard that makes it easier to manage multiple teams. At present, the alerts of unread messages and trade offers are helpful, but I think that some additional functionalities might make it easier to draw one’s attention to lineup (and/or roster management) issues that they should address.

As for engagement with the leagues… personally, I rely almost exclusively on the emails to let me know when a player is up for auction, has been waived, change in trade blocks, or league message boards. Aside from setting lineups and this forum, most of the time I’m spending on the platform during the season on a regular basis is in the Player Search screen to see if a player is available as a free agent or on a particular team. I think that I’m fully engaged (oversubscribed perhaps lol, but fully engaged), but the email alerts are the main way that I keep tabs on what’s happening rather than continuous interaction with the platform.

Just providing user feedback on how I use the platform, not trying to debate your earlier point.

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