Dashboard not showing all teams

Hi Niv,

I was trying to log on to look at my roster and score this morning, and I can’t find any data on my Ottoneu Fantasy Football Leagues? At the home page, the only thing that pops up is Ottoneu baseball leagues (which I’m not in any). I don’t even see the banner and option for Ottoneu Basketball.

Is the site going through a fix right now? Or does this have something to do with Paydala? Do you know when this will be fixed? I have a trade that goes through today and there’s a player involved (AJ Borwn) who I’d like to put in my lineup for tonights game.


You can find your team here:


The issue is that OPL ended and the page stops rendering when it tries to print out when the OPL round ends, which, there isn’t a OPL round, it ended.

I’m working on a fix.

This is fixed. Congrats to Third Degree Burnes for winning the 2023 OPL!

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Awesome. Thank you, Niv!