Database errors on site 09/09/20

Database error when trying to start an auction for oliver drake

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oooh yeah, can’t set lineups or change auction bids either…

Looks like fangraphs is down, so probably not much Niv can do

ah didn’t check fangraphs

Yep. It’s a fangraphs issue.

Fangraphs is up now, and it still doesn’t seem to be working.

Taking a look

i picked up a player via auction and now need to make a cut.
standard stuff.
when i try to make the cut though the player remains on my roster and the error message doesn’t go away.
tried a few times now.

also tried to send a message to the commish so he knows about the issue and couldn’t send a message.
could type it up but it wouldn’t send.

not sure if these two issues are related.

please let me know if i should try anything to fix this.


I’m guessing your problem has to do with this “database” error issue.

Alright it looks like we temporarily cannot write to the database, which is causing a number of problems. I’m investigating.

Error should now be subsiding.

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