Day-Night doubleheaders

What happens in a day-night DH? After the first game, is there an opportunity to move players in/out of the lineup before the 2nd game begins?

With the weather going on for the next couple days there should be some of these situations arising soon.

Please move the thread if it is in the wrong category.

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Once a player is locked in for one game of a doubleheader, they are locked into both games. A lot of reasons to like and not like this, but this is how the site works and will continue to work.


Early season weather makes for lots of make-up games (now and later in the year). How do our rosters work during a double header? If a player is scheduled does he receive all the plate appearances for both games, the early game, the late game or the regularly scheduled game? It also creates questions for pitchers…which game will count if you have a pitcher for one or both games of a DH?

Will these games be properly accounted for in game caps?

What about regularly scheduled DH? Although I know these are rare, if existent at all.

Please consider an update of the rules to cover this issue.


When a doubleheader is scheduled, all players who are on either team in the doubleheader are locked 5 minutes before game time of the first game of the doubleheader.

They are 2 baseball games and count against your cap as such, naturally.

This includes starting pitchers who are starting in the second game of the doubleheader, etc.

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Thanks…did a search but didn’t find the first thread.

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I am sorry but a tad unclear. So if a player is locked into a doubleheader it counts for two games even if they only play in one? That doesn’t sound right but want to make sure. Thanks

If he plays in one game, that’s all it counts for.

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How exactly do double header work? If a player is in your lineup is he locked into the second game too? or?

Bumping this thread.