DC Meetup July 16?

It’s been a while since our last DC Meetup, which was well-attended and in my opinion quite fun. I’m tentatively putting July 16 on the calendar for the next DC Ottoneu meetup. Pop’s Sea Bar worked out really well last time so we will return there. I might even have a couple t-shirts available for hand-delivery.

Any interest?


I’ll be in DC this weekend, missed me by two weeks!

Is This Meeting available to all owners of Ottoneu Teams?
Approx. Start Time? Lunch can be purchased.
Would be interested here.

Scott Tilley accgrad82@aol.com

This meetup is available to anyone who likes sports!

Pop’s Sea Bar has a full menu of food, though it isn’t particularly vegetarian friendly. July 16 is a Tuesday so I was thinking about something like 6:00pm ET until whenever.

Still trying to gauge interest on July 16 as a date. Happy to try another time if folks aren’t available next Tuesday - let me know!

I’m planning to be there around 7 or 7:30

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I’m going to commit to being at Pop’s at 6:30p on 7/16. Come by if you’re in the area! If not, David and I will eat some seafood and argue about Rule 1a language on our own I’m sure.

Is there a reason the McKay/Lorenzen hyperlink takes me here as well?


Made a mistake when posting the links. Fixed!

Damn… I have weird al tickets at wolfrtrap or I’d 100% be down. Would love to watch a game sometime soon!

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I’m interested!

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If you ordered a t-shirt and would like it hand-delivered tomorrow, let me know! @damgagnon I got you.

@dberuta hope you are working tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

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I’m aiming to arrive between 6:30p and 7p tonight. The manager, Dustin, plays Ottoneu and is expecting us. Looking forward to watching some baseball and hanging out!

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Thanks for coming out last night. I’ll give a little bit better notice for the next one of these, but let’s make it a regular thing.

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Had a great time nonetheless. The book I mentioned was “Trading Bases” by Joe Peta. Link on Amazon is below. Next time you guys are headed to Nats Park and could use a wing man drop me a line at wrdeere@verizon.net. Best. Bill

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