Decouple Doubleheader Games

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It is unfortunate that when a player’s MLB team is scheduled to play a doubleheader, we must choose whether to start that player in both games or neither of them that day. As @k_lof put it over on Slack, “it’s a killer when a guy starts one game and pinch-hits another and burns two starts.”

Also, if my hitter is scheduled to face a tough pitcher in game one and a lousy pitcher in game two, ideally I would be able to bench him for game one and activate him for game two.

Both of these situations would be improved if the two games of a doubleheader were decoupled on the Lineups page. The implementation might get a little tricky, but I envision it working something like this: If a player whose team is scheduled for a doubleheader is placed in an active lineup slot, the position’s row would be split into two rows, each of which would show the applicable matchup info. Each of those rows would also include a radio button or something similar so I could bench or activate the player separately for each game.

Admittedly, this is not a common feature in the fantasy baseball universe, but it would make sense in Ottoneu, where game caps are extremely important and some owners try to thoughtfully manage every sit/start decision.


Above seems to be the only mention of this. And I don’t see a reply so I thought I’d bring it back around. Admittedly, I’m new to Ottoneu (and rotisserie BB, in general) but I too would like to see a “decoupling” of the doubleheaders. Getting a player locked in for the whole day, even though they may not play both games loses a team’s AB (how often do catchers catch both games?). In a perfect world, there are 162 starts for 162 dates. Locking a position in for the day risks not giving an equal number of starts. I realize it’s unlikely that there is a perfect season, but that should be the goal.


Just a thought, but is it possible that this could be accomplished with a combination of the solution that was used for the GS issue with SP’s in H2H leagues plus the way that the game handles SP/RP appearances depending on which slot the player is in?

I’m thinking of a setting where owners can specify whether they want to “limit” a positional player to one start on any given day, and so the game not only “filters” out any appearances that weren’t in a game started but could also make the player ineligible for the second game of a double-header if he already started in the first. But managers could change the setting to allow for multiple starts and/or pinch-hit/relief appearances as well.

It seems that any ‘fix’ for this issue would also be tied to the issue of whether a player should be credited with a game played (double-header or not) if he never had a Plate Appearance, like in the case of defensive replacements or perhaps an early-game injury/ejection removal.

I agree that “decoupling” would be extremely helpful. In addition to @ballnglove82 suggestion above, I have seen other options that might work. basically duplicates the player on a doubleheader day. Freaked me out the first time I saw it, but it makes sense. I’m not sure how easy the coding is, but it would either allow you to put Rizzo in in two slots on a doubleheader day (with the games start time marked), or there might be a possibility of temporarily having two 1B slots for him to fill?

This would also have impact on the 162 GS limit, which I feel is appropriate and fair when a player starts twice in a day. Although, truthfully, I’m not sure how the count is treated currently on a double header day in which a player starts twice.

A significant hurdle is predicting which game the player will start. If you slot him in for the first game, but he gets benched, and then pinch hits in the second game, how is that handled?

Each game played (MLB official stat) is counted when considering the positional caps. If a player plays in one game in the DH and not the other, that will be 1 game against your cap. If they play in both, that’s 2.

I can mess around with some implementation ideas for this, but I am worried that the interface on doubleheader days would get a little unwieldy. That’s my main concern about this request - I think on its merits it makes sense, but it is a question of making it work in a way that is accessible to everyone.

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I guess the idea would be to allow the owner to treat the player and the game the same way it is regularly treated if the games occurred on separate days. Each game the player is possibly in locks 5 mins before it starts. Just like a normal game- if he gets pulled at the last minute or comes in a a pinch hitter the owner lives with it. Starting lineup information is harder to come by on double headers, it is true, but if the lock time is decoupled, it is usually published in time to edit the lineup if it’s unlocked.

Then you’d have 1 positional spot and two versions of the same player, yeah? And you’d have to pick which of the 1B you’d want to play, Rizzo at noon or Rizzo at night (to carry through the example from earlier)

I’ll have to think a bit more about the suggestion ballnglove82 made up-thread, as it seems to try to avoid this kind of a situation.

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Yes, that’s one way to do it. I suspect it is the easier way to implement.

But ideally a double header would allow a double slot (1B twice for Rizzo) in the example above. Not sure if it is possible. But given the SP slot automation now implemented, maybe?

But the second slot would ONLY be for second Rizzo?

That’s the way I see it, but I’m not married to it.

What if there was some sort of drop down menu for a player with a double-header with three options once they were moved into your lineup: start first game; start second game; start both games


Looks like Partial-Season-2020 might have a doubleheader every week.

I wonder if the " Bench position players that are not in their MLB starting lineup" feature could be augmented with a “Swap players” option. That would allow a manager to designate an alternate player for a benched player – very useful for double-headers.

That moves towards a depth chart mode of setting lineups that I’m not sure makes sense. I’m also not sure it makes sense to change core gameplay components due to an extreme circumstance, which this season will be.

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