Decouple Doubleheader Games

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It is unfortunate that when a player’s MLB team is scheduled to play a doubleheader, we must choose whether to start that player in both games or neither of them that day. As @k_lof put it over on Slack, “it’s a killer when a guy starts one game and pinch-hits another and burns two starts.”

Also, if my hitter is scheduled to face a tough pitcher in game one and a lousy pitcher in game two, ideally I would be able to bench him for game one and activate him for game two.

Both of these situations would be improved if the two games of a doubleheader were decoupled on the Lineups page. The implementation might get a little tricky, but I envision it working something like this: If a player whose team is scheduled for a doubleheader is placed in an active lineup slot, the position’s row would be split into two rows, each of which would show the applicable matchup info. Each of those rows would also include a radio button or something similar so I could bench or activate the player separately for each game.

Admittedly, this is not a common feature in the fantasy baseball universe, but it would make sense in Ottoneu, where game caps are extremely important and some owners try to thoughtfully manage every sit/start decision.