Decrease number of Trade Block Updated emails

One quick suggestion: I love getting emails when there are trade proposals, messages on the message board, etc., but I’d really prefer not to receive an email every time – which is quite often – that someone updates their trade block. And I’ve heard from GM’s in the league that they turn off notifications from the message board altogether as a result.

It appears the only way to filter those out is to turn off notifications for all new messages on the league message board,which I don’t want to do and miss more important messages. Would there be any way to build in an option to either not post the trade block updates to the league message board or somehow make that a separate option in the email notifications? Thanks.


There is currently a 6 hour delay between trade block updates that go to the Message Board. I’ll change this to 24 hours.

I’ve made this change and it should reduce the number of trade block messages on the message board and thus emailed out.

Thank you! Much appreciated.