Dee Gordon trade value

I currently have Dozier, Odor and Gordon at 2B/MI. I’m wondering what sort of SP value he could return? Mid-level? I know he had a bit of a lost year, last year, but would think he’s due for a bounce back. I may need to package him to get what I want, though. I also have Profar, but expect his value isn’t too high right now. But, we all know how both Odor and Dozier took off, after very slow starts in '15/'16

Like most players with speed, D. Gordon’s value varies quite a bit depending on what scoring format you’re playing in. FGPTS? 5x5?

At what price do you own him? Salary is the other half of the value equation

FGPTS @$14. He did get 821 points during a breakout 2015 season

At $14 I think you may need to lower your trade expectations on a return for Gordon. I have my doubts he will ever repeat his 2015 season (.383 BABIP), and because so many 2B’s produced well last year, the perception of the position now is probably harder to overcome. Speed-only guys get downgraded regularly in FGPTS, and I’m not sure D. Gordon is worth keeping at $14 (though you should definitely shop him and wait to cut him until much much closer to the keeper deadline).

Just guessing at this point but I might try to target some cheap pitchers coming off injury like Greg Holland or Lance Lynn for a couple bucks (if they are owned in your league).