Default salary increase for MLB draftees

Weird question, the new drafted players (From 2020 mlb draft) guys like austin martin, etc that are labeled As Utility but dont yet have a minor league designation will they go up $1 or $2 for offseason jump?

$1 increase for every player that has 0 MLB games played in 2020.

Thank you

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Generalizing this for the future, since this is not a 2020-specific rule. Any player that played in a MLB game in the season just completed or the season prior will have a $2 salary increase applied. Any player that did not do that will only have a $1 salary increase applied. Recent MLB draftees more often than not fall under the latter category.

If a player has no designation yet, that means they do not have a FanGraphs ID yet, which means they have not played in a professional game (majors or minors) yet, so they will go up $1.