Delete old Team-to-Team Messages when team ownership changes

When I adopted teams, I noticed that the messages previous owners sent/received from other teams are visible to me. Not a huge problem, but I felt awkward having access to what amounts to e-mails/text messages between other people whom I don’t even know. I chose not to read the old messages, but I wonder if this is an issue that others might see as worth revising. My thought is that the former players deserve privacy as far as their messages go. My proposal is - when a team owner abandons his/her team, their inbox messages would be deleted so a new owner can’t read private communications between other people.

I understand that the messages might be relevant, but I just don’t see it that way. A new owner should not have access to what the previous owner and other teams communicated back and forth.

Again, not a complaint and not a “problem”… Just my suggestion.


This is a very good point.

an interesting point. my league goes through 1-2 replacement owners each season. perhaps we could give the commissioners a “clear inbox” option so that when a new owner takes over, they start with a fresh slate.

Now I’m wondering if it is valuable for ‘new ownership’ to understand the conversations their ‘old ownership’ was having. Inboxes are tied to teams, not users. Teams with more than one owner only have one inbox. Maybe the expectation should be set that those messages are preserved even if ownership changes.

I’m open to these ideas, just wondering if there’s any benefit when taking over a team to seeing these messages…

I’ve had the same team since 2011. I think it would be best to seek out replacement owners and get their feedback on whether they read past messages, and if it helped them learn the lay of the land or whatnot.

I came in as a replacement owner in December 16, and found it odd that the old messages were there. There was some minor value in seeing players certain teams inquired on, but it did feel weird reading peoples personal messages struggling over deals. I would say a clean wipe would be best, because the league understands its a new owner so they will reach out to the new owner for new trades and any bad blood will be in the past with the previous owner.


I took over a team that had been in trade discussions which had fallen through. If it had been my team, I would have accepted the trade. So I contacted the other party and we made the trade. Seems like a good reason to retain previous owner’s messages.

Unless there are messages exchanging hard feelings between various parties, I don’t see anybody fearing retention for a future owner to see.

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Perhaps the option for the league commish to delete that teams messages would be the perfect solution. They could ask the leaving GM if they would prefer their messages deleted or retained for the next owner.


And, when 2 teams changes hands the newest owner may think that some older nasty exchanges are from the current owner, when in reality both owners are new. Wiping them clean would be the best solution in my opinion. I am speaking as an owner of a team for which the previous owner appears to be have a colossal jerk.


This is a tricky problem because of co-owner support. I wonder if there is validity to a once a year ability for an owner to wipe their inbound and outbound team messages. Every time an owner is added or removed is not necessarily a full changing of the guard, so giving owners control over this might be the best way.


I claimed a team for the first time this offseason. I was a bit surprised to find I could see the prior owner’s messages and watchlist. While it was fun to see how they conducted themselves in trade discussions, I think the more appropriate and expected behavior would be to remove the messages once the team is claimed. It would also be nice if the watchlist were wiped. Same for notes, if those persist (this particular owner either did not make use of the notes or they’re currently wiped upon making a claim).

Please see this thread for previous discussion. Given that clearing the watchlist is one-click and the previous owner’s watchlist can be helpful context, it won’t be automatically reset. I’ll look into making the notebook a one-click reset at some point too.

Thanks, @nivshah. I suspected this came up in the past but couldn’t find a thread in the search results.

Nothing to add and no change to my thoughts on the matter having read through the discussion.

A one-click notebook reset would be great.

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