Did Fiers set a dubious FGPTS record?

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In FGPTS leagues, Mike Fiers accounted for -75.50 points last night. Everyone in my league is wondering if that’s an all-time record for single-game worst performance. Niv – any way to find that out? It’d be cool on each league’s records pages if there was all-time best / worse performances listed like this.

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There’s only been one other pitcher in baseball history who has given up 5 HR in a single inning: Michael Blazek (07/27/2017). In that game, he actually pitched 2.1 innings and gave a total of 6 HR on 7 hits, but with 4 K and only 1 BB. Assuming I didn’t make a calculation error, that’s -87 points. But my guess is that no one would have had him in their lineup in 2017, whereas Fiers was started by quite a few teams yesterday.

Not sure if that’s the record, but we’re getting into historically bad performances when we talk about giving up 6+ HR in a game.

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