Display bye weeks and players on byes in more places

Something that I was thinking about today as I’m planning for the ROS in football. It would be really cool to see bye weeks displayed in a few key locations.

  1. Trades
    When making a trade it would be great to see the bye week for each player to take that into consideration when proposing or considering trades.

  2. Somewhere in the roster or schedule space.

For instance, it would be cool if when I go to https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/football/130/schedule/team I could see the bye week players for my team and other teams on my schedule.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I cleaned up the trade page:

  1. Removed a bunch of now duplicated icons / info.
  2. Added bye weeks and current season points
  3. Added player notes.
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This is a helpful update, thanks!

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The schedule page should now show players on BYE, but only if you are looking at a team’s schedule.

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These were both good suggestions, thank you @haroldlutz

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