Display scores by total and round

Would be great to update the OPL home page and overall scores page with a total score column and additional columns showing score by round.

On the OPL dashboard page (Ottoneu Prestige League - index), the point total and standings for my team are from the current round (May 1 - present), instead of the full OPL season:

Not sure if this is intentional or not, but I’d definitely prefer to have my overall standings visible there, at least, unless there’s some benefit to knowing our within-round standings I’m overlooking. (I could see this being different once we move to the H2H rounds, for example.)


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I’ll take a pass at the dashboard this week. I don’t think the leaderboards will change too much, but I think overall scores and a breakdown on the dashboard makes sense.

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The OPL dashboard now displays for each team the overall score/rank and individual scores for each round, or a red X if the team was eliminated prior to the round.


After using this for a few days, just wanted to say that this is a huge quality-of-life improvement for getting a quick look at how my OPL team is doing. Thanks again, Niv!

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