Division Realignment Not Saving

We reorganize each year (now second year). I changed them after the season was over, but never saw the changes stick (moved some up and some down). Tried saving it a couple of times. Always said “name change saved”, but teams never moved. Thought maybe was a caching issue or will kick in after the draft. But just finished and still no change. Any help @nivshah? Happy to report bug instead of here.

Could you link me to your league? Have you realigned divisions before? What are the steps you take to realign divisions?

I will look into this tomorrow.


It still lists previous year records - so it might reset when records reset. But I noticed that the language on the previous post says divisions are only rearrange-able in the off season. So I wanted to make sure that we get it re-organized while we can.

Godot should be in Gold, Stewie’s Minions and J’s Place in Silver, and Learning Curve in Bronze.

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In commissioner tools, are the teams in the correct divisions when you go back to edit them?

Yes. Correct teams in the tools.

And I realigned the divisions with no problem last year, but we were new.

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I believe it is still showing final standings from 2018. It should probably stop doing that after the keeper deadline. I’ll confirm and fix tomorrow. Thanks for the details here!

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Division alignment was saving properly. After the keeper deadline, the site will now show the upcoming season’s standings, which will reflect division realignment.

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