Does the GS Cap for a longer 'week' reset on Monday?

Week 1 obviously runs from 7/23 - 8/3 making it a longer week. Can you confirm that the SP Starts Remaing # that appears on the Lineup page is for 7/23 - 7/26 and that it will reset again Monday, 7/27 as it is a new week. Thank you in advance, just wanted some clarification to let the other owners in my league know.

It won’t reset on Monday - it’s for the whole ‘week’

Hope that helps.


You mean the whole match-up, not the first week correct?

Right, sure, language on this is hard :slight_smile:

The first Ottoneu ‘week’ of the season for purposes of H2H is more than 7 days.

Either way, there is only a reset on the GS Cap if a game explicitly is set to be a 2-week matchup, i.e. in the playoffs.

With the extended week, just curious if we get extra starts? I tried researching, didn’t have much luck. A few owners keep asking in our message board, so I figured I’d ask here. We are set at 9 right now…Thanks.

Bumped for 2021. H2H leagues will have their GS cap for the first full Ottoneu week and it will not reset on this upcoming Monday.

Thanks for quick reply!!!

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Just wanting to confirm, in a 2 week playoff does the Games Start reset the following Monday in a H2H League? For example if the cap for GS for 1 week is 9, in a 2 week playoff are we allowed 9 or 18 starts total?