Donaldson for Gordon

I have three 3b (Arenado at $50, Donaldson at $31, and Turner at $23) all three of which are keepable at those prices. Got a proposal of Donaldson straight up for Dee Gordon ($21). I am going to be 2b-less going into the draft, so I’m considering it. Thoughts? Crazy as it seems, Gordon might have that much value early in the lineup for Seattle, right?

What format are you playing? 5x5?

Sheesh, I’m sorry. Yep. 5x5 12 roto old school. Ottoneu.

It probably makes sense for you to make a deal, but I would push to get another piece with Gordon. Considering what he would likely go for in the draft, Donaldson is at a solid price. What do you need a cheap starter or reliever? Hitting depth? Figure out your weakness and find a reasonably priced player on the other guys roster and see what he says. You can always offer Donaldson for Gordon again if he says he’ll only do it straight up. Always worth asking.

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I would trade any of those three for Dee, but I think Donaldson is the one I’d be least likely to trade away.

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for me it’s Turner, and I’d agree to do the deal straight up