Don't see the abandoned team

Hi Niv

I abandon this team but don’t see it. Trying to get someone to pick it up. Thanks


Well it looks like it has an owner. If that’s a new owner then it was claimed, which is great.

Generally you cannot see teams on the abandoned teams list that are in a league in which you are already participating.

EDIT I was mistaken here, you can always see all teams on that list, even for leagues you are already in.

i just put an new owner on it… wasn’t in abandoned list…thanks for the help

You tried abandoning and it cleared out the old owner but didn’t go on the abandoned teams list?

I will test this out later today and see what is up if that is what happened.

Hi Niv,

I hope all is well. I abandoned another team, but I can’t see it. Any update here? Thanks


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Agreed it is not showing up on the Claim Teams page. Given that other teams are showing up there, could you step me through what you did to abandon the team?

ok sorry for the bother figured out my mistake…thanks

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Ok, I’m going to mark this as resolved but if it needs to be revisited just let me know.