Double-confirm on trades

I’m wondering how difficult this would be to code. Negotiating trades is made more difficult by the fact that once you offer a trade, you’re at the mercy of your potential trading partner who can accept or reject it even if you change your mind or want to trade that player for a different package.

I would love to see a double-confirm trade system where you send a trade, they confirm it, but then you have to re-confirm for it to go through.

This would also be useful for putting multiple trade offers together for the same player. Or if you get a confirmation on a trade and you want to shop those players to other owners to see if you can do better.

As it stands now, you can message someone to gauge their interest, but then they end up saying “sure, I’m interested, send me an offer.” But there’s no negotiation in that.

Sorry, this is rambling. It was just a thought.

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My opinion is that you make a trade offer you should be held to it. If you want to make a tentative offer, make the offer by message, and you can finalize the trade by actually making the offer.


I like the idea of a double confirm, but it shouldn’t be needed in a league with active and competent owners. In leagues where trades sit on the desk for days before being accepted/vetoed (or just ignored until it expires) it would be good.

The only thing I can think of on where it’d be really nice is if a player in a pending trade is hurt. Nothing worse than being at Golden Corral having all you can eat steak and popcorn shrimp, Alex Reyes leaving the game needing Tommy John, and the owner you had proposed a deal to takes it, letting you sit on him for a couple of years.

In that specific case (of a player being injured after being offered but before being accepted), I’d explain the situation to the commish and ask for it to be veto’ed or reversed.

I agree. It’s not a good reason to have it, but a circumstance that would come up and keep the LM from having to make a judgement call.