Draft date on available team list?

Just wondering if it would be possible to show a leagues draft date (if scheduled) on the teams available page. That way a potential owner could know before checking out the team if they could make the draft date or not. Just a thought. Thanks.


Good idea … especially when March Madness is happening concurrently. Gotta avoid the conflicts, ya know.

There are a lot of league settings that should be looked at when you are thinking about picking up a team. The league settings link is there for that reason, as the draft day, playoff settings, and commissioner note (among others) are all available there.

Completely understand Niv. I just thought it might be an important enough “bullet point” like league type and league cost to consider having in the claim team page. No worries and thanks for the consideration.

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That page feels cluttered, so I’ll think on it a bit more. Agree that draft day is important, but also a lot of leagues are flexible on draft day until they fill up, so :makes motion of a scale with hands: