Draft issues 3/17

@nivshah Our draft just froze for the second time. The first time, we were fine getting back in. This time, when the draft reloaded, it said that the draft was done. I checked the commissioner tools and I do not see any way to manually restart it. Would you be able to help?

Which league ID? I can get you back in. Sorry about the issues today.

  1. Thanks so much and no problem. We also have a player that cannot get back into the draft lobby. Will this resolve that problem?

Yes it will. You should be all set now.

Thanks! Still waiting on the locked out user to join, but looks like we’re good

The link disappears off the home page once the draft is marked as done, and that link should return if they refresh the page since the draft is now paused.

Got it, I’ll relay the info

The issues last night were caused by a bad database query. I’ve rewritten the query to be much more efficient. I’ve also added “All” to the Top FA Available links in the draft room. This is the best way to find Util-only FAs available in the auction draft room.


Thanks Niv! The hypercare last night was much appreciated. Always thankful for everything you do for this site.

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