Draft Room Freezing 3/7/2021


Mid draft currently…and our room has frozen up at least twice and instantly ended auctions.

Any idea what’s going on?

Hmm. I don’t see anything major with the server. I’m around and investigating.

Are the freezes regular or spread out?

Spread out, but everyone has said they’ve experienced them in the chat.

I’ve had 2 that I can speak of over the last hour:

8:29 EST
8:54 EST

Ok, thanks for the details. I’m continuing to investigate.

Issues in 1022,

Disregard we’re back in 1022

League 1260 on my end if that helps.

Any feedback on if the lag subsided slightly / at all after 9p ET would be appreciated. I’m continuing to investigate.

Massive lag in 401 and booting happening.

Sorry 301

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Will keep you posted. My timer does seem to be skipping seconds more than I remember in the past…

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Just had another freeze… (sorry for the stream of consciousness)

It’s appreciated.

I think this is related to our server migration and I’m continuing to investigate.

I’ve made another change as of about 9:18pm ET that may help.

I’m seeing a lot of lag, draft paused anything we can do to implement the changes?

I’m not sure. I’m continuing to investigate but I see the draft server just… not behaving as well as it did on the previous server. I’ve given it more resources and I hope this helps a tiny bit.

Thanks niv. Not much better but appreciate your work

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I really apologize for the issues tonight. Think there were a couple of things reducing how many resources the draft server could use, but still seeing some issues and continuing to investigate.

Seems to be working better in 1022… Thanks as always for all you do!!

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just had 1/3 of our teams get booted…

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