Draft room issues 3/10/2019


Anyone else having issues with the draft room today?


it’s a fucking shit-show…raised prices and worse experience so far. Whatever got added or fixed needs to go away so we all can enjoy a smooth draft.


yes ours just shut down


yeah it was freezing and then just now finally shut down, ended the draft without anyone telling it to, and now can’t get back in, with at least 40-50 picks left to go. ridiculous. can’t even restart it somehow


We weren’t able to schedule a draft today last week as the site said they were at capacity. I expect the servers are overloaded.


Something is wrong with our servers and I’m actively investigating with our hosting provider.


any answers Niv? We’ve paused our draft and are considering rescheduling because the lag makes it impossible to bid.


I will say we drafted a new league Friday night and yesterday and it was a seamless experience, easily the best in my 6 years of ottoneu. That being said, I’m sure niv will work to fix any issues


I’ve made one change that has made a noticeable improvement and I am being connected with our hosting provider to investigate further.

This is a challenging problem because some days the draft has been very smooth for people, but other days it is a disaster. I know the draft is immensely important to your season, and I take these issues very, very seriously.


Our draft room opened back up, waiting for owners to rejoin to test.


Hosting provider helped me out and we should be in ok shape now. I have a few reports trickling in that the draft experience has improved, and I hope that is true for all of you drafting right now.


Draft room is now running…thx!


I’m continuing to look for performance improvements and will update once that happens.


I’ve deployed a change this morning that should improve draft performance going forward, resulting in less lag and freezing. I’m continuing to monitor draft performance and am happy to take on any more feedback from those of you who draft going forward. Again, I apologize for the issues yesterday and I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding while those issues were resolved.