During pre-season auction, is it possible to exceed $400, or does the interface stop you?

Hello, Our league is having a disagreement about bidding “on credit,” meaning submitting a bid that’s more than your total budget.

That’s not the focus of this post, but during our internal discussion, it surfaced a question that we don’t know: during the pre-season auction, it is possible to go over $400, or does the auction interface stop you?

Thanks as always.

The site doesn’t let you go over limits during the preseason auction.

In-season, the blind bidding means that owners don’t have full information when they bid, so they are allowed to bid such that they’ll go over roster and cap limits. After all, they are placing a bid without full information on if they are going to win the player or not.

Pre-season, owners have full information when placing a bid, so the site won’t allow you to go over limits purposefully. You cannot cut players during the preseason auction, so everyone has to start the season on equal-ish footing in terms of budget and roster.