Easy Look at League-Wide Category Performance

As a categories league manager, I would like to be able to check on the performance of the rest of the league for the current week without having to click on each matchup individually to see how everyone is doing in each category. Is there a way to implement a feature so that we can see how the whole league is doing, at a glance?

Here’s a visual of what I was thinking it might be like!

I could make the Standings page have the option to view a specific week in addition to the whole season. I think that could be useful.

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That would be great! Currently, some of our league members are keeping track of specific week stats by hand - adding that option would be hugely helpful for us.

The standings page now has a drop down from which you can pick statistics for the whole season or for a specific week. You can select any week up to and including the current week.

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Thanks Niv! Just gave it a test. Selecting stats for a specific week brought me to the error page. Could just be an error on my side, how does it look for you?

Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - error (fangraphs.com)

Oh yeah forgot one little thing here, but it should be fixed now.

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