Editing loans, is it possible?


There was a trade in a league I commission involving Bumgarner. Just as the trade review ended, it was announced that he was hurt. Both owners agreed that this made the trade unfair and asked to reverse it. Ok, not a problem, just use the commissioner add/drop tools. But, there was a loan involved. Is there a way to edit loans? And barring that, what could be done?


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The teams could make an empty trade with no players and a reversed loan?

At least one player must be included in a transaction in order to make a trade, correct?

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Oh, that’s right. Well, I guess what I’d do is this:

  1. Move the players back to their post-trade teams
  2. Allow those teams to make the corresponding trade in reverse (with a reverse loan, etc)

Since Commissioners can edit pretty much anything else, I don’t see why they should not be allowed to edit loans. However, that feature will probably be a few months out, so I would reverse the trade in the way I stated above for now.

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Thanks for all the help. I’ll have the 2 teams reverse the trade.

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