Edward Cabrera's Team

Edward Cabrera was optioned last week to AAA, but he is still with the Marlins’ organization. He’s still in the Ottoneu player universe, but in our draft just now his team displayed as “null” rather than “MIA AAA” or whatever it should be.

This appears to be an issue with FG’s database, as they have Cabrera not associated with the Marlins right now. Here’s his FG player page. The Marlins RR page correctly shows him in AAA and on the 40 man roster.

This issue also affects Roansy Contreras. Since as you pointed out this is on the FanGraphs side, I would encourage letting them know.

This is almost certainly because the FanGraphs minor league affiliates are out of date. I’ve put in a request for this info to be updated.

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This is fixed.

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