Eloy Jimenez

It shows he’s affiliated with CHW, but when the Cubs games start, his button grays out. Not a big deal right now, but should be updated at some point. Thanks, Mark

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Most White Sox starts have been at the same time as Cubs starts this week. The system has Eloy has a White Sox player, so his button will only gray out for White Sox games.

UPDATE Nope, his schedule is showing the Cubs schedule for some reason. I’ll check this out.

Ok, Eloy Jimenez hasn’t played for the White Sox yet. Once he actually logs an official AB with the White Sox, his team information will change in the system.

UPDATE: Guys I haven’t had coffee today I’m sorry.

Ok this is fixed finally my goodness. Thanks @markw for the heads up, this issue uncovered a deeper bug in minor leaguer team affiliation that is now fixed.

Hmm… has this issue cropped up again? Eloy seems to by unaffiliated with any team on my today’s stats, lineups, roster pages. No stats showing up either (although not surprisingly).

EDIT: sorry- here’s the team page link: https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/531/team

Eloy should be showing up as a CHW now.

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Confirmed! Thank you!

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