End of Season Waiver Claims

It looks like waiver claims made on the last two days of the season have gone through. Is this correct? Rule V.g states: “Transactions can be requested from the day of the annual draft until the next-to-last day of the regular season. All auctions must be completed prior to midnight of the last day of games of the season. For example, if the last game of the season is on a Sunday , all auctions must be started by midnight Eastern Time on Friday night.”

A waiver claim isn’t an auction, but it is a transaction.

Personally, I think it is okay if waiver claims can happen up until midnight of October 1st (or whatever) – it is one more consequence that can happen to managers who do a lot of high-priced adds in the last week and must keep their rosters legal.

However, maybe the rule could be clarified.

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