Erase Draft Queue and Watchlist when taking over a team

Requesting a way to erase the queue or watch list when u take over a team in a league that has already been established. When u import players sometime u get players he entered in the queue. If u can create a way to erase the queue every year it would be easier then removing one player at a time. Thank you.

I’m going to slightly modify this to:

There should be a single button/link to clear both the Draft Watchlist or the In-season watchlist.

I’ll be working on that once the season gets going.

Sounds good. Thanks for taking care of it. It looks like u have already made some watch list improvements.

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Just bumping this request. I’ve taken over a couple of teams over the past two weeks and it’s a bit of a pain to clear the old owner’s watchlist by having to click the box next to each player’s name. Not super urgent, but potential QIL improvement to the interface.


There is now a link on the draft page and a button on the watchlist page that will clear the relevant watchlist all in one go.


Thanks for addressing the issue.