Existing $20 5x5 League 501, four openings

Firehouse Roto is a former $49.99 tier competitive league that has run since 2014. We are in the midst of a restructuring to the $20 tier, given the new ottoneu price structure, and will implement prizes via a $50 per team side pot through either PayPal or LeagueSafe. The two available squads can be viewed via the following links:



Both are pretty solid squads that placed well in 2018 and are available given the respective owners simply no longer having the time to devote to a competitive ottoneu league. If you’re up for the challenge, please post here and we’ll get you added ASAP as the arbitration deadline is looming in roughly one week’s time.

There are now four openings, as reflected in the updated title. The two other open teams are well under the cap post-arb and a bit more of a project: