Export Player Database as CSV

Is there a way to export the player database as an Excel/CSV file? For a new league, there are no rosters to export, so I’d like to start with a view of all the available players. Looking for something that will give me player name, position, team, 2018 points and (if possible) Ottoneu average salary.

The average salaries page has an export:

True for football too:


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Ha, just noticed it was football…those conversation tags elude me all the time.

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The average values page doesn’t show 2018 points as a column. Is there anywhere we’d be able to export that to help formulate our own auction values?

I think for auctions you probably don’t want to pay for past results. I can add past season and/or current season points to the average values exports, but I’m not sure they are exactly what you want when considering value for the season ahead.

Paging @vibbot on this too.

True… I guess what would be most useful for new leagues would be the average auction values for players in startup leagues (since auction values for existing leagues will be impacted by inflation). But that is probably too specific a data set to be useful to many folks.

Yeah, that is definitely on my radar:

I have some work done towards this, and I’ll continue on it today.

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Ok, I’ve made some additions to the Average Values page and the related CSV and XML exports.

These now include an average value for new leagues only, as well as an average value for adds only. The former only includes transactions for leagues created within 1 calendar year of the current date. The latter includes only acquisitions, not trade or inflation transactions.

I think this should help when figuring what players are going for right now, both in fresh leagues and in recent auction drafts / in-season auctions.


Awesome! Thanks very much. And just in time for the draft in my new league tonight!! :grinning:

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