Exporting Active Lineups

I would really like to see an option to export active lineups on any selected date. The ability to export active rosters already exists by league, but I’d argue that the ability to export the actual lineups page is more relevant, for two primary reasons:

  • Pre-season it would help owners who do a lot of league analysis to export and then project players as owners intend to play them (best player per position), which saves a tremendous amount of prep time
  • It would also allow owners to go back in time to analyze the impact of big trades, which may be really helpful to all owners. If I trade for Bryce Harper in mid-May, I could compare what actually happened to the benefit I thought or projected to receive when I acquired him.

Could be a lot of other benefits but to be able to select a date and export the active lineup of each team in the league would be a great addition.


Is there anything about this feature that is different than simply going to the lineups page and clicking the previous date, then changing the date in the URL and copying the resulting lineup page?

I believe this is the same/similar request as the roster snapshot wishlist item:

Does that seem right?

UPDATE I see, it is similar, but with “where is a player being played in their team’s lineup” component.