Extra Roster Spot for "OFS" Players

When Ottoneu basketball first launched, we had a brief discussion on whether there could be a “60 day IL”-type roster exemption for long-term injured players. At the time, there wasn’t an official injury designation and so 25 man roster would have to be a hard cap:

However, I noticed that the data provider has started to classify some players as “OFS” (presumably Out For Season). I was wondering if this could be used as a basis for granting extra roster spots in future seasons.

Just a thought.

This was already asked in Slack and the answer is no - the OFS designation does not grant extra roster spots in the NBA and it won’t have that affect in Ottoneu. IR and 60IL both grant extra roster spots in their respective leagues.

A couple other quick things here:

  1. Knowing that the NBA doesn’t give extra roster spots for OFS is one of the reasons we went for a few extra roster spots. @walt526 we had a little convo about that in the preview thread

  2. I know the OFS status only recently started showing up, but that was on me. Our data provider had it the whole time, I was just ignoring it because I could not figure out what OFS stood for. Fun stuff.