FA auction tiebreaker in Playoffs

Hi Niv, sorry to ask another playoff related question, but my league just had a team that was in the playoffs (losing matchup at time of process) win an auction tie-break against a team that was out of the playoffs. The standings tie-breaker would make it seem like the team not in the playoffs should get the player, but I could also see there being an exception where teams in the playoffs get higher priority. Could you clarify please?


Could you link me to your league and the auction result in question? I’ll check it out.


Ah this is an interesting bug. It somehow did not come up last season, but it is definitely a bug. I’d recommend moving the player to the correct team (Dock Ellis No Hitter) and I’ll spend some time today fixing this bug.

Ok I believe this is fixed going forward. If anyone sees any strange auction results, please let me know ASAP.