Fangraph Points Calculations

I’ve been attempting to do my own calculations on Fangraph points totals, and it seems like sometimes the total points that I’m calculating is off from what the player’s page says. For example from Clayton Kershaw’s 2015 numbers I’m getting 1570.98 but his page shows 1574.44. Anyone know where this difference would be coming from? Maybe some of the individual numbers shown are rounded?

When innings say .1 and .2 it really means 1/3 and 2/3 of an inning, so when doing point calculations you want to use .33 instead of .1 and .67 instead of .2.

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That makes sense, I have to say though it seems like the “Sortable Stats” link from the Ottoneu Players tab is making the same mistake as I was though:

They have the point total as 1571, which is what I was getting.